Parenting Classes

The SHAPE parenting framework is captured in an engaging curriculum.  Parents, or the professionals who work with them, will gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, a better understanding of parenting skills, and a variety of tools to define or refine their families.  SHAPE parenting sessions include role-plays, facilitator feedback, partner and small-group discussions, and time to work on a family blueprint that parents create for their own unique family situation, to use at home in day-to-day life.  SHAPE classes can be delivered to groups of parents in varied settings, including schools, community and counseling centers, state or federal programs, and houses of worship.

Family Engagement Workshops

Research shows that most schools struggle to engage families and partner with them in ways that advance children’s school success. Linked to the SHAPE parenting framework and best practices in education, Paula’s customized family engagement workshops help educators and family support workers to set and meet ambitious social or academic goals that improve children’s lives.

Speaking Engagements

Paula is available for a variety of speaking  engagements including keynote addresses, plenary sessions and awards ceremonies.